About my services

  • Get 3-5 friends together for a fun afternoon or evening of learning about your phone together. It’s more fun to learn together. Topics for parties include:
    • How to personalize your phone
  • Have an individual computer tutoring session on a topic of your choice. Here are some popular computer and tech issues that previous students have had:
    • How do I keep track of all my passwords
    • How do I find old email
    • I want to listen to music on my phone but am not sure how to get started
    • How do I view my photos on my computer
    • How do I get photos off my phone (iPhone / Android)
    • How do I scan things into my computer?
    • What do I do if I can’t remember my password
  Now forming instrest lists for online classes in how to get more out of your cell phone (ANDROID) Click Here to sign up  
  Hourly Computer and Tech Lessons in person (select San Diego locations only) Please call for availability

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