Mac | Windows | iPhone | Android | Printers | TVs | Roku | Chromecast | …and more

Typically my clients call on me for the following types of issues. This is not a complete list of the services I offer, just a sample.

*Connecting up new computers / moving computers
*Keeping computers up-to-date
* Purchasing assistance for new computer/ printers/ routers / modems / televisions / etc.
* Teach you how to use your cell phone
* Learn to print / scan
* Learn to send pictures from phone
* installation of new software
* Reset passwords
* Fill out forms
* Teach Photoshop
* Learn to use the Google Suite of Programs
* Learn to navigate Facebook / social media etc.
* Create Websites
* Assist with ebay, craigslist, etc
*explain “what is the Cloud”
* Can’t receive email / send email resolutions
* so many more things to do with your computer and technology devices, I can help you with all.

What I don’t do: repair broken screens, old computer equipment or install stolen or illegal software.

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